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We are so glad you made your way here!These first steps of looking for a therapist are some of the hardest. Finding someone to trust with your story can be so vulnerable. We hope that telling you a little about who we are can make it a little easier.PTP understands that not all of us come from a place of support and care, be it trauma due to race, size, class, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or family culture. Our clinicians are committed to holding space for healing and repair by building a foundation of understanding, trust, and respect.We want to support your innate ability to grow, change, and connect. Traumas, our history, the socio-economic and cultural realities we face can make it difficult to connect to ourselves and others. We provide a space where clients can connect with their body and emotions with clinicians dedicated to care and connection.

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Oregon Plaza Building
825 NE 20th Ave, Suite 250
Portland, OR 97232

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Student Internships

UPDATE: We are currently full for Spring and Fall of 2023. We will be opening our application process for 2024 in the Fall of 2023. Please check back for updates.

What We Offer

This placement will help student interns learn the skills to open their own private practice and become knowledgable with the necessary paperwork for OHP. We focus on marginalized communities, utilizing social justice and trauma informed lenses. The majority of our clientele is LGBTQIA+ and using OHP. Supervision will be collaborative and offer a strong basis in body-centered approaches. We hope to provide the experience we all wanted and needed as student interns, with humor, support, and care!

Who We Are Looking For

We want people who share in our values and are excited about what we have to offer! Students who will do well at our site are self-reflective, self-motivated, independent, open to feedback and learning, and interested in body-centered approaches.

An Internship at PTP includes...

  • Assessment

  • Treatment Planning

  • Writing progress notes

  • Scheduling

  • Weekly supervision

  • Attending trainings

  • Meeting with 15 clients a week (18-20 total hours)

  • Community building

  • Being your awesome self

To apply

Send us a cover letter and resume to

About Us

Portland Therapy Project is founded and run by Sawyer Salameh, LPC and Roza Skenderova, LPC. We share in our passion for giving back to our communities by providing OHP clients access to quality, queer knowledgeable care and supporting student interns in building sustainable practices.

For more information on us, check out our individual

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Meet Our Counselors

Tate Sprite


Mental Health Intern

An authentic, down-to-earth connection with clients is essential to me. I see people as inherently good and capable of ongoing learning. We experiment together to recognize habits and see what else is possible. A huge aspect of my approach is attention to the present moment, feeling emotions and sensations in the body, relating to different parts of yourself with compassion, and getting comfortable with not knowing.I was born in Slovenia. My love for languages led me to a degree in Translation Studies, and I eventually came to the United States as a translator. Psychology and personal growth have been my passion since I was very young: I kept doing trainings and eventually leading workshops. Since 2013, I've been facilitating Authentic Relating and Circling events in the Portland area and online. Seeing participants transformed in beautiful ways has inspired me to get into therapy as a profession.I'm currently doing my Masters in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. I've also completed several extensive continuing education programs for therapists: Comprehensive Training in Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (META), which includes Hakomi, Re-Creation of the Self, and Primary Attachment; Inner Relationship Focusing Teacher Training (guided self-discovery process based on accessing the body's implicit knowing); and the Art of Circling (a relational mindfulness and applied emotional intelligence practice).I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Katie Solomon


Mental Health Intern

I am in my final year of getting my masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling and I am so grateful to be joining Portland Therapy Project! I went to college in Connecticut, but spent most of my life living in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to Portland in May of 2021. After college, I worked in Boston at a few different jobs while doing mutual aid work and peer counseling, as well as playing music. During this time, I also became really interested in the mind/body connection and began to foster more acceptance and compassion through meditation, yoga, and somatic work.I bring warmth, curiosity, humor, creativity, and humility into my counseling sessions. I believe that the connection between a therapist and a client is a crucial aspect of therapy and I strive to create a space where you can access and compassionately explore your emotions and experiences.When I’m not in session, I love to read, sing and play piano, spend time with my loved ones and animals of all kinds, and explore the woods in and around Portland.

Rose Novak


Mental Health Intern

Welcome! I am happy that you have taken the steps in your healing journey that have led you here. As the age old saying goes, “healing is not linear.” As frustrating and painful as that truth can feel at times, it is one of the core principles that guides my work. I believe that therapy is a fluid process, one which might take different forms as your experience shifts. I am honored to be a part of that process with you. My own healing journey has been lifelong and continuously evolving! My personal experiences deeply shape my clinical work, resulting in a blend of intuitive and research based approaches. I am passionate about Trauma Informed Care, Compassion Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, Somatic Therapy, and the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.I have lived in many places including South Carolina, New England, Washington D.C., the Philippines, Australia, and now the beautiful PNW. I have worked with individuals and groups who collectively hold a variety of identities, ages, developmental stages, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and cultures.I received my B.A. in Psychology and English Literature with a minor in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies from The George Washington University in D.C. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling at Lewis & Clark as well as completing training to become a certified Ecotherapist.
In my free time I enjoy reading fiction, creative writing, spending time in nature, dancing around my apartment to music, cooking, watching TV & movies, snuggling with my cat, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Recent Graduates of PTP

Katya Stark


Professional Counselor Associate

Katya is a traveler, explorer, learner, and giver. Although she was born in Estonia, Katya's native language is Russian. After graduating high school, she lived and attended university in beautiful, but cold St. Petersburg. In her early twenties, she immigrated to the United Kingdom, where she discovered the healing power of psychotherapy and decided to dedicate her life to this profession. After moving to Portland, Katya enrolled in a clinical mental health program at Portland State University while advocating for domestic violence survivors for a non-profit. Katya is passionate about anti-oppression work, LGBTQ affirmative therapy, social equity, mental health, diversity, and multicultural counseling. Katya loves the Pacific NW, swimming in rivers, reading authors from different cultures, listening to music, and deepening her understanding of her body and soul.Please contact Katya directly:

Anya Ludwig


Professional Counselor Associate

Anya grew up throughout the Pacific Northwest and has been in this city for the last ten years. The focus of the last decade for them has been building community and learning about what it means to live and heal as a human in our world. After receiving their BA in Psychology, they worked as a barista, a housing case manager at a local AIDS service organization, and a residential treatment counselor, among other jobs. She is currently finishing up a Master’s program in Professional Mental Health Counseling.Her approach to counseling centers on the client’s body and relationships in context. Anya believes full-heartedly that most of our behaviors originally root in adaptive responses, and that understanding and integration are key tasks to building a life that brings greater health.When they are not in counseling sessions they may be sharing meals with loved ones, getting fresh air in the woods, reading something from their never-ending list, or moving their body.Please contact Anya directly:

Isabel Gruska McCune


Professional Counselor Associate

I am a student intern from Antioch University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, and am honored to join a community of justice-oriented counselors. Originally from Pasadena, California, I attended Grinnell College in rural Iowa before working in New York and Oregon. While completing my Master's in public health, I connected primary care and emergency room patients to community resources. I have called Portland home since 2013.I bring warmth, humor, and curiosity to my work. I believe in a culturally humble approach--we are all experts in our own lives and we have the capacity to thrive if we're given the support and care we need. My counseling style focuses on how we embody each moment, and on how we create meaning in our lives.I enjoy cooking, live music, podcasts, sharing food and conversation with family and friends, and traveling in the Pacific Northwest.Please contact Isabel directly:

Clinic Supervisors

Sawyer Salameh, LPC

(They/Them)Licensed Professional Counselor
Clinical Supervisor

I am so excited to be in a place where I can help clinicians grow and explore. The journey to become a therapist is way bigger than I ever imagined. I feel so lucky to be on this journey myself and learning new things. I had no idea how much personal growth I was in for when I started and now, I get to support other clinicians while they expand into themselves and learn. In understand how big of an undertaking this is for clinicians, I hope to create a space to grow and challenge one’s self without judgement, but rather with curiosity. The more we can learn about ourselves the more we can expand with our clients. I believe learning is about making mistake with openness and growing with new knowledge.
I will ask you to connect with your body to gain a larger understanding of yourself and your relationship with your clients. I will help you focus on your client’s relationship to their body, what comes up for you in yours when in session, inner child work and healing, and holding the complexity of everything we create in this world.

Roza Skenderova, LPC

(She/They)Licensed Professional Counselor
Clinical Supervisor

As counselors, our own selves (bodies, minds, hearts) are the tools of our work. Good support in growing our therapist self and sharpening our skillsets can provide opportunity to create deeply meaningful and sustainable work for oneself and our own clients. My supervision style is relational, emotionally attuned and guided by social justice principles. I am predominantly somatically trained (Neo-Reichian Therapy), draw on attachment theory, gestalt and work with trauma and developmental trauma with queer and trans individuals.My hope is that we can create a trusting, transparent, and collaborative space that can nourish your goals, learning edges, clinical skill set, interests and excitements in the vast field of therapy.

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New Client Intake

Below is a sign up sheet to verify your benefits and eligibility for services and place you on our waitlist. Please note that our current wait to be matched with a counselor is at least 9 months.Insurance and Rates:
We currently take CareOregon/HealthShare insurance. Rates are $170 per 53 minute session. Usually, your insurer will cover 100% of session costs.
Are you in crisis?
Contact the Multnomah County Crisis Line at 503.988.4888 or dial 9-1-1 for emergency services. They will connect you with crisis lines outside MultCo if needed.
Click here for information about local crisis services.

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Upcoming Groups

We do not currently have any groups planned. Check back for updates!

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